Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Such a Lovely Breeze Today!

Sitting here doing my watching thing, there is a most irresistable breeze blowing! I almost feel drunk by the sweetness of the flow of the spring air... it feels absolutely wonderful! Makes me think about napping for a while... so if I drop off suddenly, its because I just can not resist it anymore.

I still haven't found my teeth yet, and eating all of this soft stuff and sucking the flavor out of stuff I can't chew down with my gums is getting old! I want to chomp on a ear of corn so bad, I'm almost drooling just thinking about it... and let's not talk about a piece of steak or some BBQ ribs... mmmmm... ooooooh and what about a great mixed garden salad with some delightfully refreshing dressing! And then let's top that off with a colorful, flavorful fruit salad with whipped cream or a nice helping of ice cream!

Is anyone ready for a nap yet? I am........

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