Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Teeth!

Wouldn't you know it! My choppers were in the last place I could imagine... and I'm almost ashamed to say... they were mixed in my bedsheets down near the bottom of the bed. I can't begin to tell how they got there, but I'm sure glad I found them. Now I can enjoy some goodies I've been missing!

I wonder if I can get some kind of retractable put on them so when I put them down again and I need them quickly I can just yank on them and they'll pop right into my mouth... that's something I think I'll look into. Oooooh, that caused me to think about my daddy! When my children were little, he used to scare my babies by popping his teeth off his gums to the front of his mouth and then pop them back in place... I used to get so tickled when he would do that! As my children got older they too would laugh at the realization that he was just trying to be funny and not scare them... where's my plate????

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